Since the 0.5 update, the game is unplayable for me and my buddy. I have to set the game to an even lowest settings to have a decent framerate (it looks like a PS1 game) and still get MASSIVES lag spikes every minutes or so with less than 10fps. 

To add to this, after 15mn the game randomly freeze my whole computer and I have to do a hard reset. My buddy can run it well but the game crash periodically and tell there's corrupted files that need to be downloaded again. 

When playing solo, the framerate and lag spikes are not as terrible, but the crash-freeze-reboot happens even more.

At first I still tried to update my map cause some people like it and it makes my happy, but I struggle to see the point of fighting those horrible performances and stability issues if neither me or my friend can play to enjoy it and I can't go in game to find the new markers/town names/POIs... 

If I were the only one making a quality map I would probably fight the bugs till death, but let's be honnest, there a lot of talented map maker that made nice and easy to use maps, with more markers and are going to add lot of good features very soon (I don't doubt it).

I'm really sorry for those who have been waiting for this update and I hope that in the future I can play again and create an even better interactive map. 

I'm still learning to code and I feel like i'm not done with maps ! Thank you for those who supported me and told me they liked my work, it was really nice doing this for this community.

Be safe all, and don't forget to take your vitamins !